It is to be an innovative university that conducts qualified research, uses its knowledge and talents for the benefit of mankind and the country, and guides the future by making a difference at a universal level.



Ankara University, with the responsibility of being the first university of the Republic, has been the mission of;

  • develop creative individuals who can think critically and solve problems, constantly renew themselves in the personal and professional field, sensitive to nature, respecting differences,
  • consciousness and art, contributing to the universal level, observing ethical values, doing interdisciplinary research,
  • social responsibility consciousness and responsibilities to the country’s problems, considering the public interest in the development and development of the city has contributed to provide services that contribute.



It aims to support development and development with the research activities carried out in Ankara University and planned to be carried out in the future, to create and disseminate scientific data, primarily to develop domestic and national technology, to produce and share information at the national and international level and to establish cooperation with the university.



The Ankara University, which is one of the ten universities in the status of Research University, aims;

  • Being one of the universities that have carried out researches in the priority areas of our country,
  • Using the research power of the basic sciences to undertake the research studies of Technology Preparation Level 1-3 as input to the scientific world and as input to industry studies,
  • To be ranked higher in national and international rankings,
  • Increasing the number of international projects,
  • Effective use of research infrastructure by all researchers.