According to Article 46 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, our students can work part-time in our Universty Faculties, Schools, Institutes, Research Centers and other units that need labor force.

The Part-Time Student Work Program starts on 15 October (the first working day following this date if it is a public holiday this day) and ends on the day of June 14 (the first working day prior to this date if this is an official holiday).

Working hours With the decision of the Board of Directors of our University, the maximum number of students per week is 15, 60 hours per month and 48 hours in other units.

The hourly gross wage paid to the students is 5,66.-TL, net fee is 4,77.-TL.

The hourly wage of the part-time student and the number of part-time students to be employed for the related Education-Education Year are determined by the decision of the University Board of Directors.

For those who are part-time students or those who are married and have health insurance by their spouses, Work Accident and Occupational Disease Premium are paid by the General Health Insurance Premium University for those who are under 25 years of age and those who are 25 years old.

For more detailed information on the Part-Time Student Work Program, please visit the Ankara University Health, Culture and Sports Department website.

Part-Time Student Run Program Execution Instructions and Board of Directors Decisions

Part-Time Student Work Program Online Application

Part-Time Student Work Program Forms and Sample of Petition