It is planned with the aim of helping the students who newly enrolled to Ankara University to better understand their faculty or departments where they will be educated, their universities, their faculty or departments and to contribute to their personal, social and academic developments and to live the rightful enthusiasm of being an Ankara University student.

The Orientation Programme is designed to enable our students to better understand the university life and is a program consisting of a variety of activities aimed at winning the identity of Ankara University and making it easier for university life.

The Orientation Programme consists of a number of events designed to introduce new students to the university and to the academic and social environment of the university and also for students;

  • To adapt to college life,
  • The difference between being a college student,
  • It aims to make it easier for the university to recognize its academic and social facilities.

Coordination of Orientation Program for University Life

Faculty of Health Sciences Orientation Programs

2018 – 2019 Student Enrollment Guide