Educational Goals

  • All departments of the faculty undergraduate curriculum programs are closely aligned with the   core curriculum in Europe, America, and related curriculum programs,
  • Ensuring that the number of students per faculty member / instructor / guide teacher does not exceed 10 in clinical practice,
  • Ensuring that the number of students per faculty member / instructor / guide teacher does not exceed 15 in laboratory studies,
  • Ensuring that the number of students per faculty member is reduced by 30%,
  • Upgrading at least 50% of the technological infrastructure used in laboratories.

Research Goals

  • Provision of at least one publication in three years at the citation index (SSCI, SCI, SCI-exp, AHCI) per academic member /instructor,
  • The provision of broadcasting every two years in the international area index per academic member / instructor,
  • Every year for the faculty members / instructors, scientific publications published by the faculties, universities and institutes of the University of Ankara, scientific publications which are scanned in the TÜBİTAK-ULAKBİM national database and scientific publications determined by the Ankara University Senate,
  • A third of faculty members / instructors should have at least one “publication author” or “book editor” in books published by foreign publishing houses in the books published in foreign languages, original and Ankara University addresses in three years,
  • Providing annual reference to journals published per citation index / international citation index per academic member / instructor,
  • Ensuring that every academic staff presents an “oral” statement every two years in widely participated World and European congresses, which are known internationally, directly related to the field of study,
  • Ensuring that every faculty member / instructor takes part in projects (Tübitak, BAP, European Union etc.) at least once in three years as an assistant researcher or facilitator,
  • Each department should be held at least every three years national or international congress / symposium / workshop etc. provision of regulation.

Student Goals 

  • Tübitak, BAP, European Union and so on. ensuring that students are employed in projects,
  • In each department, successful students will be able to attend international congresses, project meetings, technical trips, etc. ensuring participation in activities with academic staff,
  • Ensuring that student communities are actively engaged in at least two activities each year by encouraging them to be in production,
  • Ensuring that students meet at least twice a year with professional organizations in order to ensure their relations with the sector,
  • Graduated monitoring indicators based on process and output are created and these indicators are monitored for three years and relatively improved for each year,
  • 10% increase in student recruitment success rates of departments, relative improvement every year
  • Regular or individual sports events organized in various fields every year.

Social Responsibility Projects Goals

  • Ensuring that students are able to work on vulnerable groups, engage in social responsibility activities,
  • Ensuring that each department has at least one social responsibility project each year,
  • Municipalities, non-governmental organizations, etc. to organize a joint event every fifteen days in every education and training period  to ensure the spread of the information produced by the faculty through the publication of these activities on different mass media,
  • The inclusion of lecturers in radio and television programs and the dissemination of information to the society produced by the faculty,
  • The Health Sciences Museum’s passing of life, the visit of the community to be provided.

Internationalization Goals 

  • To increase the number of incoming and outgoing students in international exchange programs by 100% in three years,
  • Increasing the number of incoming and outgoing teaching staff in international exchange programs by 75% in three years,
  • To increase the number of contracted institutions for international exchange programs by 100% ,
  • Signing of goodwill letters and protocols to produce projects and partnerships with countries other than the international exchange program,
  • In order to prepare the course modules, which can be 30 AKTS each period in one semester, the studies should be started and completed within three years,
  • At least three-quarters of the teaching staff in three years should have at least three months of experience working in a foreign center for at least one month in the context of educational research activities related to the field,
  • At least one institutional membership for international organizations (accrediting organization or international professional organizations) for each department.

Affiliation Goals 

  • Ensure that faculty members (retired or employee, manager) and students are brought together at various social events (cultural excursions, technical trips, social gatherings, etc.),
  • Establishing a “graduate follow-up program” for students, ensuring that they are satisfied with their work and working environment,
  • Activities to increase internal communication (joint meetings, exhibitions, conferences, trips, birthdays, sports competitions, etc.) that each year academic and administrative staff can participate together with their families.