Distinguished Members of the Faculty of Health Sciences;

Health-related research and services provide an emphasis not only on the treatment of diseases but also on the prevention of diseases and the sustainability of health. This situation puts the multidisciplinary activities of professional job groups in the health sciences into the foreground in terms of both scientific studies and services provided. In line with this need, Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences was established on 27.09.2006 with the decision published in the Official Gazette.

The main aim of the Faculty of Health Sciences; to educate qualified and successful professional people in primary healthcare services who are trained with modern approaches and methods based on science and technology in line with the country’s needs, respectful to the universal and cultural values in the field. The Faculty of Health Sciences aims to reach the goal of being a promising, leader and leading faculty in the formulation and development of health politics in our country;

Child Development,
Healthcare Management,
Nutrition and Dietetics,
Orthosis and Prosthesis
Social service Departments are put together.

Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences; aims to educate qualified professionals and scientists in line with its mission and vision since its establishment. The Faculty of Health Sciences maintains life-long learning priorities and creates a difference with current student-centered education and training programs. Our faculty graduates earn the feature of being a high-level professional in terms of knowledge, skills and competence everywhere, with the privilege of being at Ankara University which has been the first university of the Republic. In addition to theoretical education, professional candidates who are raised by applying in the health sector will be able to bring creative and scientific solutions to health problems. As a respected and leading faculty, I believe that we will add successful innovations to your valuable students with all our administrative staff, our strong academic staff that we constantly support professional and personal development.

I am pleased to welcome all of our students who have joined us as a result of a challenging process, Dear Rector and in person I am grateful to all of our senior management, academic and administrative staff of our faculty, students and graduates.

Prof. Dr. Neriman ARAL