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Announcement of Course Cancellation…

by Elif Gökçearslan Çifci

 ‘ATA 102 Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution ‘ course will not be held between 15/04/2019 – 19/04/2019 in Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development, Health Management and Social Work  Departments. The related course will continue as in the other weeks’ schedule. It is announced to the students taking the related course.


by Elif Gökçearslan Çifci

(2018-2019 Academic Year Spring Semester) 2547 numbered Physical Education course, which was taught within the scope of Article 5/l of the Law, is opened as periodical / yearly and given as applied, Volleyball, Wrestling, Football, Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, Swimming, Oryantring, Outdoor Sports  Bodybuilding / Fitness and Table Tennis classes’ mid-term exams will be held […]

Graduate Tracking System Announcement

by Elif Gökçearslan Çifci

Our precious graduates; The Graduate Follow-up System is offered to you to make the relations between the graduates of Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences more effective, to deliver the activities and projects within our faculty to our graduates and to develop recycling mechanisms. For this reason, our graduates are kindly requested to send their […]


by Elif Gökçearslan Çifci

The 2018-2019 academic year spring semester midterm exam date is between 08-14 April 2019. The students who want to not overlap the Exam Date and Time (Horizontal Transfer, DGS, Students who are registered with the Undergraduate Completion) are required to submit their petitions to the Faculty Document Department on 08 March 2019 Friday to 17:00 […]


by Elif Gökçearslan Çifci

Students who meet the following conditions for the HONOR CERTIFICATE OF 2018-2019 Fall Semester and the High Honor Certificate will be able to obtain from the Copy Office, Faculty website or Student Affairs Office between 25/02/2019 and 15/03/2019. The Honor Certificate / High Honor Certificate must be completed and submitted to the Faculty Student Affairs […]