Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences was established as the Faculty of Health Education with Council of Ministres Decision in 1994. In 27.09.2006 the name of the faculty was changed as Faculty of Health Sciences with a decision published in the Official Gazette. Same year the Faculty of Health Sciences started a process of restructuring. The main aim of the faculty is to train professionals who are educated with contemporary approaches and methods based on science and technology, who are respectful to cultural and universal values, and who are efficient and successful in primary healthcare facilities intended for country needs.
In this century, what is anticipated with the research and services intended for human health is not only the treatment of diseases but also the prevention of diseases and the sustainability of health. This requires the multidisciplinary activities of occupational groups which are a part of health sciences in terms of both scientific studies and services provided. Faculty of Health Sciences adopts and applies this approach both in its educational programs and structuring. With this vision, Faculty of Health Sciences gathered the departments of Audiology, Child Development, Healthcare Management, Midwifery, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Orthosis and Prosthesis, Social Work with the aim of being a leading and pioneering faculty which is recognized scientifically in international level, which is followed and referred, whose competency is recognized within health sciences education throughout the world and which has a voice in the constitution and development of health policies in Turkey.

In the year 2016, the tenth anniversary of the faculty was celebrated with the participation of all departments and the 10th Year Special Logos.


Nutrition and Dietetics Department is responsible for the determination of the nutritional status of the society, the researching, proposing and application of the solutions for the development of the nutritional level, identification and orientation of the nutrients, nutrition plans and policies of the country, determination of nutritional requirements of different age groups, regulation and application of disease specific diets, The aim is to educate the human power to provide adequate and balanced nutrition in the society in terms of the treatment of diseases with the protection and development of health and to carry out scientific studies in various fields such as management and organization of food service in giving organizations. This person is awarded the title of “Dietician” to those who are entitled to human power.


The aim of the Department of Child Development; it is the responsibility of the child, family, trainers and community to support all developmental and skill areas that can assess mental, language, motor, social, emotional development and self-care skills of children with normal development between the ages of 0-18 who are disabled, needing protection, working, refugee, criminal children and children in hospital , educator and collecting service “Child Developers” is to train.


Department of Midwifery; able to perform necessary examinations by setting pregnancy diagnosis; able to care by watching prenatal mother and fetus; able to take care of mother at birth; follow the fetus and normally detect deviations; who has a normal birth and can do episiotomy when necessary; breech delivery in emergencies; able to identify abnormal conditions in mother and newborn; able to manually remove the placenta and control the uterus when necessary; able to care and follow the new nature; who is able to care for and follow the mother during the postnatal period, and who delivers it during risky situations; capable of caring for pathological cases in the field of gynecology and obstetrics; participating in family planning practices; is to train ” Midwives ” in pregnancy, which can initiate internal and surgical care.


The aim of the nursing program is to educate individuals who understand the values and behaviors of people, who can determine the needs of healthy or diseased individuals and who can provide health care services in line with these needs. At Ankara University, undergraduate and graduate level nursing education is given. Graduates of the Nursing Undergraduate Program are awarded the title of “Nurse”.


The Department of Audiology has not yet begun to receive undergraduate students, but will start very soon. The goal of the Audiology Program is to train “audiologists” who can adapt to scientific and technological developments and to deal with hearing and balance problems with the most up-to-date and accurate approaches. Both health care and academic field work are targeted. The education language is Turkish. Lessons will be conducted  theoretically and practically. Students are responsible for field work and institution internships, preparing reports, seminars, training and research projects and oral presentations. Students in the Audiology Undergraduate Program will graduate with the title “Audiologist”.


The Faculty of Health Sciences of Ankara University Prosthetics and Orthotics Department was established in 2018. Prosthetist Orthotist graduated from the program evaluate the physical disability, custom-made prosthesis and orthosis designing and producing by taking measurements. Prosthetist Orthetist are professions that determine the connection parts, make the connections and settings prosthesis and orthosis, apply them physical disabled people  and solve the prosthetics and orthotics problems encountered with the functional anatomy, mechanical, biomechanical, materials and electrotechnology information.


The aim of the Department of Health Management is to train internationally qualified health managers who have the knowledge and skills to implement the concepts, principles, theories, models and techniques related to planning, organizing, executing, coordinating and auditing functions in a systematic and conscious manner in order to realize the aims of the health system and to contribute to the accumulation of scientific knowledge through researches carried out in the field of health institutions management. Students who graduate from the program receive the title “Health Manager”.


Social service; based dynamic struggle that aims to prevent and resolve problems that arise outside the control of individuals, families and societies in the environmental conditions they live in, to meet material and non-material needs, and to improve social welfare and quality of life. It is a scientific orientation of social assistance and support. In this context, the conscience of the society tries to improve the functionality of the individual, the family and the society in which the deprivation and problems are experienced and to increase the prosperity. The aim of the Social Work Occupation is to work with an approach that embraces national and universal values, giving priority to the needs of the country, reaching and managing the resources needed, ensuring social improvement and social organization, and putting the power of social institutions and social policies.