The election calender of the student representatives prepared in accordance with the Article 5 of the National Student Council Regulation of Higher Education Institutions  and the Student Council of Higher Education Institutions was changed to the following dates with the decision of the University Administrative Board dated 15/10/2018 and numbered 1252/30658.

10-26 October 2018 Section Student Representative Applications

05 November 2018 Department Student Representative Elections

13 November 2018 Selection of Faculty Student Representative

30 November 2018 Student Council Conference

Applications will be made to the Department secretaries. Application documents;

  • A petition stating that he wants to be a candidate
  • Student certificate for the school year of the election
  • Passport photo (One Piece)
  • The document indicating that he / she has not committed a disgusting crime requiring removal from the higher education institution (It can be in the form of notes to the student certificate.)
  • Declaration that there is no member or officer in political party organs (It can be stated in the application form.)

The deficiency in the documents must be completed by the applicant student within the application deadlines set by the Rectorate.