Dear students,

Basic Foreign Language English / German / French Midterm Exam will be done as e-test. You will find the E-TEST INPUT tab at the beginning of your virtual course page at So e-test will be entered on the course page via internet. For this reason, it is necessary for you to pre-attend your virtual courses, to follow the course records, to do the exercises on your course page is required for preparation to e- test.

E-TEST You can visit any place (at home, on the road, in the car, in the school, in the school garden, etc.) in the place where the internet connection is, quiet and close. Make sure your Internet connection is intact and there are no interruptions. I was not able to find the internet because I was allowed to stay for 7 days, internet is broken, etc. and excuses will not be accepted and this examination will not be an excuse examination for these reasons.

When the exam day and time comes, your e-test will be activated and you can start your exam.

E-TEST Enter Date Range: The e-test for Basic Foreign Language courses starts at 9 am on Monday, April 9, 2018 and ends at 22.00 on Sunday, April 15, 2018.

During these 7 days you can participate in the hours you want. But when you start the test, the exam starts counting down in the process. Even if you turn off your computer and it is interrupted, this countdown will continue, it will not stop. Exam duration; 30 questions / 25 minutes in English, 30 questions / 30 minutes in German, 25 questions / 30 minutes in French. There are multiple-choice questions in the exams. Each student will be asked different questions.

You have the right to enter e-test 2 times in these 7 days. You can also use your second right in the face of a technical problem, or you can enter this test a second time depending on your wishes. It is up to you to enter the test once or twice. You will be asked different questions in both exams. The note you receive high will be valid.

Write your questions about e-test to Please do not ask questions without writing the following information: Name-surname, student number, faculty / college name, course code and branch name (eg Science 3 YDi102), details of your teacher’s name and problem.

Do not leave the e-midterm exam in the last day, you may not be able to enter the system due to stacking. Also, if you enter your virtual course page before, you will have to apply and fix it beforehand if there is a technical problem on your page. It is too late to solve the technical problems on your page during the exam. Those who enter the system for the first time can not enter the virtual course page and do the test without completing the questionnaire. For your information.

* You will not be able to learn your e-test results at the end of the exam (this means you have not been allowed to have pre-screening at the end of the exam). At least 3 weeks later we will announce in OBS.

* To enter e-test, please enter your course page at and click on the midterm tab between the topmost pages of your page. You can enter with OBS username and OBS password. If you choose these lessons in OBS, your record is automatically transferred to If you can not enter , you have not selected this course in OBS. In this case, check that you have chosen this course in OBS, if you can not see it in OBS, apply to your student affairs. It is the responsibility of the student to choose the correct course at OBS and to find the correct registration at If there is an error, it must be checked and corrected first.

Excuse Examination: You will be given a 7-day doctor’s report covering the period of 9-15 April 2018 to take the excuse examination for the e-midterm exam, they will notify us that you will be able to take an official letter. If this procedure takes place, you will have a paper-pencil excuse examination at the School of Foreign Languages at Gölbaşı on the date that we announce it. Make-up exam is not done in the form of e-test.

We wish you luck.

Hasan Satılmışoğlu

Distance Education Coordinator